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//  Genre:  Folk, Reggae, Hip Hop, Medicine Music
//  Website: 
Facebook: Sierra Marin
Instagram: @SierraMarinMusic
Spotify: Sierra Marin 

Sierra Marin comes from Carlsbad, Ca and has been playing music

since she was 9 years old.  After receiving her Bachelor's degree

at UC Santa Barbara in Psychology and Indigenous Studies, Sierra

realized that  working toward something that she did not believe in in

support of a corrupt system in need of change was completely contrary

to who she was. So after college she hit the road. Finding much of her

roots in street performing, she travelled the U.S. for two years entirely

supported by  her income from playing at markets and on street

corners. She experienced first hand the incredible power of

intentional music to empower and heal humanity.   

Sierra uses her voice to speak for the Earth mother, for the ascension

of humanity into a state of harmony. She speaks for the revolution of

unconditional love which begins within and ripples out into this world.

She speaks of the importance of community, permaculture, and

symbiotic innovation for the betterment of all. Performing as a live

looping multi-instrumentalist Sierra weaves and layers sounds to create

a soundscape of activating music. When she is not looping, She and her

band The Shepherds of Ascension  collectively create a powerful

movement of sound and melody strong enough to move the hearts and

bodies of the many. 

Music is medicine for the soul and a powerful tool for our liberation as

individuals as well as for the entire planet. Sierra Marin's mission is to

remind humanity of their divinity and perfection. To remind the people

that WE are the ones we've been waiting for. It's up to us to remember

who we are and to be the change we want to see in this world. 

Past Performances:

- The Brazil Arts Cafe, Lucidity Festival Pre-party, Santa Barbara, Ca

- SOHO Music Venue, Santa Barbara, Ca

- The Brewhouse, Santa Barbara, Ca

- Mystic Rising Family Gathering in Ashland, Oregon

- Be Here Now Festival, Valley Center, Ca 

- Flow Festival 2018, Pahoa, Hawaii 

- Mauli Ola Festival 2018, Pahoa, Hawaii 

- La Hiki Ola Kava Bar, Pahoa, Hawaii

- Bayfront Kava Bar, Hilo, Hawaii

- The Wild Heartist, Hilo, Hawaii

- Sweet Cane's Cafe, Hilo, Hawaii

- Project Earth Festival 2018, Harmony Park, Minnesota

- Elixart, Nevada City, Ca

- Stone House, Nevada City, Ca

- Temple of Intention, Shasta, Ca

- Harmonia, A Mystic Tea Party, Ashland, Oregon

- Queen Bee's, San Diego, Ca

- Love Long Beach Festival, Long Beach, Ca

- House of Blues, San Diego, Ca

- Shangri-la Festival 2018, Harmony Park, Minnesota

- Vibe High Festival, Wisconsin

- Aina Fest 2018, Kohala, Hawaii

- Mana Fest 2019, Puna, Hawaii

- Flow Fest 2019, Puna, Hawaii

- Lucidity Festival 2019, Santa Barbara, Ca

- Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, Ca

- Saint Tropez, Oceanside, Ca

- Mystic Rising Festival 2019, Ashland, Oregon

- Jazzy Jamboree, Garberville, Ca

- Legacy Brewing Company, Oceanside, Ca

- The Social Garden, Oceanside, Ca

- Project Earth Festival 2019, Harmony Park Minnesota

- Shangrila Festival 2019, Harmony Park, Minnesota

- Manafest 2020, Pahoa, Hawaii

- Vibe High Festival 2019, Broadhead, Wisconsin 

- Avatars of the Earth Gathering, Mount Shasta, Ca

- Opened for Tubby Love and Amber Lily in San Diego, Ca and Ashland, Or

- Spectrum Healing Retreat Summer and Fall 2021

- Main Stage at Shangi-La Festival 2021, Harmony Park, Minnesota

- Main Stage at Vibe High Festival 2021, Broadhead, Wisconsin

- Main Stage at Totality Festival 2020 and 2021, Joshua Tree, Ca

- Free and Equal Elections Event 2021, Cambria, Ca

- Zen West Fest 2021, Palomar, Ca

- Yam Fest 2021, Missouri

- Zen Awakening Festival 2021, Florida

- Willow Creek Festival 2021, Illinois

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